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In 1961, CBS purchased the studio to shoot the Paisano Production's "Perry Mason" series. During this time, Raymond Burr lived on the lot. CBS then sold the studio in 1966 to the A&M Record Company; Herb Alpert and Jerry Moss moved in on November 6, converting the swimming pool and two of the sound stages to recording studios.

On February 6, 1969, the Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board designated the studio a historical cultural monument. In 1984, exiled Russian artist Vladimir Granovsky painted a mural on the wall of one of A&M’s buildings, depicting Chaplin in many of his famed roles. And in 1985, "We are the World" was recorded at A&M Studios, a USA for Africa effort for raising money to aid the hungry in Africa.

In November of 1999, the Henson family purchased the property, and after an extensive remodel (designed by Loring Curz), The Jim Henson Company made the studio its new home on May 1, 2000.




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